Your health
& wellbeing

Covid 19. We are prepared.

Keeping safe.

While you’ve been safe in your own home, we’ve been busy preparing your perfect getaway. In response to where we are globally, we’ve made necessary changes to how we operate through enhanced safety and cleanliness procedures, team member training and education, and we’ve implemented new technology with convenience and innovation in mind.

Prioritising the wellbeing of our guests, team members and community continues to be our top focus and, in doing so, offering a sense of security and confidence that we’re taking the best of care.

You’ll find our guide to health and safety practices below. It details all of our procedures and changes we’ve made with your wellbeing and security in mind. We want you to know that you’re safe here and that we’re welcoming you back mindfully and thoughtfully.


All that you need.

We know luxury takes many forms, and with a stay at 94DR you can fully embrace the soul of Edinburgh. From transportation to cuisine to wellness and more our Concierge service is at your disposal