A wee bit
about us

We’re happy people, nobody wants to be around grumpy.

Our story & philosophy.

We are us… Paul Lightfoot and John MacEwan. Our friends call us HOG’s (high octane gay’s) and if that means a loaded zest, a passion for fun, exuberance for life and a love of good things, then that’s us. Scots at home, we come from marketing and hospitality backgrounds, lived away and travelled a lot. 


At 94DR we are inspired by a mission to create an exceptional place that enriches every guest’s sense of a home from home with a more personalised and authentic experience.


We have a super experienced team with us here in Edinburgh – whatever the challenges we like to face them head-on! Fabulous face masks may cover our faces when you see us but you know there will be a smile behind them. We think 94DR offers one of the safest environments for your holiday with service from the same two or three staff throughout the week you can limit your contact with people if you so wish. 


Much more, we celebrate wanderlust, embrace simplicity, highlight the locally made, work sustainably and share a passion for the unique and genuine. And most of it all, we seek to continuously spark a love for Edinburgh, Scotland and all things Scottish, all year long. It makes us happy, we think that’s important.  



All that you need.

We know luxury takes many forms, and with a stay at 94DR you can fully embrace the soul of Edinburgh. From transportation to cuisine to wellness and more our Concierge service is at your disposal