Seasonal Pairings Strawberries

Seasonal Pairings Strawberries 
The Scottish strawberry season is on its way! For many of us, the appearance of strawberries on our plates signifies the start of summer. Scottish strawberries are famously some of the best in the world and the northeast of Scotland and Fife have the ideal climate for growing the perfect strawberry with its warm days and cool nights.
We asked Philippe Larue from our wine merchants, L’ Art du Vin to come up with a perfect pairing. 
“To provide an exciting pairing here we need a wine with a balance between residual sugar and acidity. My top pick would be a well-chilled Muscat Beaumes de Venise from Château Pesquié in the south of the Rhône region in France.
The key to this pairing is that the Muscat is sufficiently light and fresh not to dominate the more delicate flavours of the strawberries – a match made in heaven!
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Seasonal Pairings

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